The Balloon Fairies

Once Upon A Time Near Edmonton...

In a magical balloon fairy wood, a wise old fairy taught a young Shimmer how to make all kinds of magical balloons. Now that Shimmer is all grown up she is the Queen of the Balloon Fairies: a group of very talented artists ready to amaze you with their balloon creations and other talents like: face painting, glitter tattoos, and story telling.

If you would like us to entertain at your event whether it is a birthday party, a trade show, or a school fundraiser, please fill out the booking inquiry form on our contact page. Our base rate is $150 an hour but we do have a variety of different packages, as well as some discounts depending on the type of event and the duration. Check out our services page for more information.

The Balloon Fairies no longer accept personal cheques; however we do accept cash, corporate cheques, and if you would prefer to pay online/via credit card we also accept payment via paypal.

The Balloon Fairies
Balloon Fairy Colver
Balloon Fairy Misty
Balloon Fairy Lily
Balloon Fairy Starlight
Balloon Fairy Shimmer
Balloon Fairy Daphne
Balloon Fairy Ruby
Balloon Fairy Flicker