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Once Upon A Time Near Edmonton...

In a magical balloon fairy wood, a wise old fairy taught a young Shimmer how to make all kinds of magical balloons. Now that Shimmer is all grown up she is the Queen of the Balloon Fairies: a group of very talented artists ready to amaze you with their balloon creations and other talents like: face painting, and glitter tattoos.

  • Balloon Fairies are on the city of Edmonton approved vendor list*
  • We carry liability insurance (if you need a certificate please ask!)
  • Follow all Alberta health regulations and standards for face and body painting
  • Only use a pump to inflate balloons

*this means we are approved to work at events held on city of Edmonton property such as parks and community halls

If you would like us to entertain at your event whether it is a community get together, a birthday party, a promotional celebration, or a school festival, please fill out the booking inquiry form below.


Pre orders and deliveries

With the goal of making as many events as magical as possible, we have redesigned our balloon deliveries with multiple preset options to suit a variety needs. No assembly or twisting required!

Themed Bags $125 for 24

Themed bags come with 24 premade sculptures and are recommended for parties with 20 children or less. You can choose from one of the following themes:

  • Princess Party:
    4 Elsa, 4 Cinderella, 4 Sleeping Beauty, 4 Ariel, 4 Bell, 4 Rapunzel
  • Superheroes Assemble:
    6 Spider-Man, 3 Hulk, 3 Ironman, 6 Shields, 6 Swords
  • Greatest Hits: *Most Popular*
    3 Dogs, 3 Cats, 3 Giraffes, 3 Paralophosaurus, 3 Dolphin, 3 Raptors, 3 Ponies, 3 Bunnies
  • Dragon Knights:
    8 Dragons, 8 Wings, 8 Swords
  • Fairy Magic:
    8 Fairies, 8 Wings, 8 Flowers
  • Unicorn Friends:
    8 Alicorns, 8 Unicorns, 8 Pegasus
  • Puppy Patrol:
    6 Chase, 6 Marshall, 6 Sky, 2 Rubble, 2 Rocky, 2 Zuma
  • Force Wielders:
    12Light sabers (in blue, green, red), 4 Troopers, 4 Yoda, 4 Vaders
  • Ocean Adventure:
    5 Sharks, 5 Doplins, 5 Crabs, 5 Turtles, 5 Seahorses, 1 Giant Octopus
  • Dinosaur Dig:
    6 TRex, 6 Paralophosaurus, 6 Triceratops, 6 Raptors
  • Jungle Safari:
    4 Monkeys, 4 Tigers, 4 Elephants, 4 Lions, 4 Giraffe, 4 Zebras
  • Custom bag:
    pick any theme or themes and we will make you special bag tailored to your event!

Speedy Bags $150 for 50

Speedy bags include 50 balloons sculptures from our speedy list and are a great choice for events with larger groups! Choose from 1 of 4 speedy options

  • Speedy A: ***Summer Special $25 off***
    50 Puppies
  • Speedy B:
    20 Swords, 10 Flowers, 10 Puppies, 10 Ponies
  • Speedy C:
    10 Swords, 10 Bow and Arrows, 10 Puppies, 10 Ponies, 10 Raptors
  • Speedy D:
    25 Wings, 25 Flowers
  • Speedy E:
    25 Swords, 25 Bows and Arrows

For an additional $25 we will include a pump and 50 twisting balloons!
Charges include delivery within Edmonton, for areas outside of Edmonton additional delivery charges may apply. Taxes not included.


Get in Touch

If you are interested in booking us for an event, please feel free to contact us via the form below.

If you're a phone person that's cool, we respect that, but due a shortage of fairies and an overwhleming number of inquiries we will likely miss your call. Please send us an email: and we will get back to you in 4 - 7 business days.

If you need to contact us urgently about an existing approved booking please text the phone number on your booking agreement

Booking Inquiry

Please remember that an inquiry is not a confirmed booking. All bookings will receive written confirmation.


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